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  • Themes and Ideas

    Posted on June 19th, 2017 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    Theme/Idea 1: The nature of conversation that everyone overlooks

    - Several recordings taken to analyze the content of the conversations students were having.
    - Many students talked about various topics ranging from the latest lecture to their respective upcoming tests.
    - Possible to explore the blending of each conversation into the next.
    - Aim to stimulate the listener to pick out small details in conversations of recordings.
    - Possibly mixing in transitional backgrounds to highlight the different areas of the campus. Eg: Walking into a lift, from cafeteria to study area, different spots in the library etc.


    Theme/Idea 2: Natural environment of university

    Several recordings taken to highlight the natural sounds of the usual ‘hangout’ spots in the university
    - To record places like field/sports courts, general ambience of the cafeteria, a rainy day on the rooftop etc.
    - Similar with the first idea, to explore a sound installation that incorporates a smooth transition between each setting.
    - Aim to intrigue the listener with the sounds they can relate to.



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