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  • Review of session

    Posted on June 19th, 2017 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    During class, we were introduced to Dwarf Speakers. This piece of technology enabled us to transform any hard surface into a speaker. It expanded our options in terms of how we could further introduce a more creative aspect to our sound installation. Professor Matthew loaded in a Selena Comez song and we proceeded to stick the small little powerhouse on any hard surface we could find. We agreed that the best results were when we stuck the Dwarf speaker onto the door, wooden ledge as well as the round wooden tables. There is a possibility of using multiple Dwarf speakers in the Collaboratory space to play around with sound sources located in various areas of the room.

    We also experimented with the built-in EQ of the Panasonic televisions to explore our options in terms of using them as output sources. We were not very impressed with the quality of the sound produced after playing music through them.

    We tried playing back a few recordings. Professor Matthew advised us to ensure our initial recording was as clean as possible. This was because several of our recordings had low sound.

    The M-Audio studio monitors were also made available to us. With a mixer connected to it we experimented with various sound levels. Professor Matthew played a recording of bees over a recording of children, so we could understand how the different sounds would come together from different output sources. It was interesting to see how the different levels from the TV speakers as well as the Dwarf and M-Audio monitors interact with each other.\

    It was discussed that we would have to pool our resources and use each others Macbooks to realise the sound installation.


  • Themes and Ideas

    Posted on June 19th, 2017 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    Theme/Idea 1: The nature of conversation that everyone overlooks

    - Several recordings taken to analyze the content of the conversations students were having.
    - Many students talked about various topics ranging from the latest lecture to their respective upcoming tests.
    - Possible to explore the blending of each conversation into the next.
    - Aim to stimulate the listener to pick out small details in conversations of recordings.
    - Possibly mixing in transitional backgrounds to highlight the different areas of the campus. Eg: Walking into a lift, from cafeteria to study area, different spots in the library etc.


    Theme/Idea 2: Natural environment of university

    -¬†Several recordings taken to highlight the natural sounds of the usual ‘hangout’ spots in the university
    - To record places like field/sports courts, general ambience of the cafeteria, a rainy day on the rooftop etc.
    - Similar with the first idea, to explore a sound installation that incorporates a smooth transition between each setting.
    - Aim to intrigue the listener with the sounds they can relate to.



  • SGFA Artwork Sound

    Posted on June 19th, 2017 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    We are family


    In this picture the sound of fighting tigers can be heard. The ferocity of the fighting tigers imply  animalistic growls and roars.

    From a different perspective, the tigers could also be playing with one another, suggesting excitement in their animal calls.

    Assuming the setting is in a grassland, the rustling of the greenery would be heard.

    Wind ambience would also be appropriate for this picture.