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  • The moon in my room

    Posted on April 15th, 2017 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    As I face my computer, I see a moon light on my wall. In the literal sense of course, as in, a light in the shape of a moon.

    It hasn’t worked for the last 7 years.

    I walk to my window and open it to get a glimpse of the real moonlight.

    I look up to the white light and imagine the moon as a highlight reel displaying the past few months of my life.

    I see the good and the bad,

    people I want to remember,

    things I want to forget.

    All of a sudden, a huge rush of energy runs throughout my body.

    I check the time and it’s 12am, which means it’s officially Easter.

    I sit back down on my chair, facing my computer and the moon light on my wall.

    I try turning it on again.

    It lights up.



    LTN and Jayson Andel – Clockwork


  • Insomnia

    Posted on November 7th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    I really should be sleeping. But somehow productivity is in tandem with my nocturnal habits.

    Tonight’s just one of those nights where I question everything I’ve done in my entire life. Every choice, every opportunity taken, every chance missed.

    5 minutes in and now I realise how irritating it is to think about the ‘what-ifs’ and ‘what could’ve been’.

    It’s a nagging feeling that makes me want to drown my face in my pillow, pull my hair out all at once.

    So tonight I’ve decided not to let any other opportunity pass me by in the future.

    Because never do I want to experience this feeling again going forward.

    Back to score writing.


    The Shins – Sleeping Lessons

  • FocusRite

    Posted on September 6th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    I’d like to think that my study time is being used to go over concepts of music studied in class.
    But the reality is most of the time is taken up to research current songs out there for inspiration. Compositional inspiration.


    Focusing on the more important aspects of life has always been a weakness of mine. With my short attention span, as well as my weird variety of interests, I always found it challenging to prioritise studies, chores or basically anything in life that was important. The fact that I didn’t really have to study much to pass exams probably contributed to this as well. I would just live life and enjoy whatever I could, always looking for instant gratification from the smallest of things. It’s a common trait among millennials, really. The need for instant gratification is probably why society has changed over the course of time. I would be content with not failing and just getting by in life.

    Fast forward to a year into university and my results sucked ass. My slacker approach towards studies wasn’t cutting it and I barely did anything else extra-curricular. I distracted myself from what was important by spending more time on my personal hobbies and working at my favourite burger joint. Needless to say, that only spelled trouble for me as I was not performing up to the standards of the university. It was at that time I realised I wanted more out of life. So I narrowed down the stuff I wanted to improve/maintain at a high standard to three things:

    -I’ve never had any issues with being fat or whatnot, but I’ve always been just normal. Being normal was just thanks to healthy eating, but then I realised I wanted more. So I drew up fitness goals to achieve.

    2. First-Class Honours
    -Making sure that I achieve as much as I can during my current studies. Basically putting in more effort to achieve a higher standard of results.

    3. Financials
    -Rather than spending all my cash on unnecessary hobbies and luxurious food, I did a bit of planning so that I’ll have enough to fund my own audio equipment for my course in the next year or so. I’ve leeched off my parents for far too long.


    I have friends who are stuck in dead-end jobs, who are nice people in general, but have no extra skillsets, so they can’t achieve more in life. At no point in my life do I want to be stuck in that black hole, so that’s my motivation for me to really focus on the things in life that will benefit me.

    No time for me to take it easy anymore. I’ve already had a gap year. Time to catch up.



    Ella Eyre – We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off

  • Fleeting Moment

    Posted on August 28th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    We sat in the car as I drove to her house, while we talked about her 3 month vacation back in Malaysia.

    The conversation was mainly about her meeting so many new people during her time working. Which contributed to a big part of her feeling sad going back to Canada.

    ‘It feels like I’ll be missing a lot more leaving Malaysia.’

    Work really does bring people closer together, given the correct environment. Not only are you growing, but the people whom you work with will indirectly be a part of your growth process as well.

    As the conversation went deeper, I fell into a state of serenity. The soothing feeling of just talking with a person about life in general. Never had I ever met someone so genuinely nice.

    And that fleeting moment of temporary infatuation was all I needed to move on with my life.

    The world is full of interesting people, guess it’s up to me to find them.

    Working helps.



    Kaskade – Angel on my Shoulder


  • A lucid dream

    Posted on August 17th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    As I opened my eyes, in front of me stood a figure.

    Cloaked in shadows, I reached out to it, but it retreated backwards away from me. 

    For each step I took towards it, the figure took three steps back

    Frustrated, I yelled out, ‘Hey!’

    The figure stopped retreating. 

    I swiped away at the shadows covering the figure, and there stood a memory of the person I used to know.

    As the person held her hands up, I saw a sphere of memories

    Memories I remembered differently

    And I can’t even which version was the right one.

    But I’ll cling on to the ones I remembered,

    because I only trust myself to remember that time of bliss in a perfect world

    the way I enjoy it more than anyone.



    “Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” – Marcel Proust

  • Pikachu

    Posted on August 9th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    To say that Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm would be an understatement.

    For the benefit of those who do not know what it is, click this amazing link.


    In the past 3 days, I’ve taken full advantage of my free time by jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. It’s a totally different experience when you visit a shopping mall/suburb with the intent of catching Pokemon on your phone. It gives one a constant purpose to walk around for hours, just to catch Pokemon on your phone. You’ll find them as long as you have really good GPS and data signal. It’s also a bizarre sight to see so many people of various age groups on their phone playing the game. I had no doubt that Pokemon was a franchise that transcends games for children, but I never imagined it would have this kind of impact on society.

    I walked to my car after a busy day at work. I was prepared to reverse when three guys stopped directly behind my car. I knew they had found a really good Pokemon, because a Bulbasaur had appeared on my phone as well. I thought they would notice my car as I sounded my horn, but they didn’t… so I got out of my car…
    ‘Bruh I gotta go home and do stuff man. I’m trying to reverse. You can catch the Bulbasaur if you stand here. Away from my car. Pls.’
    …to which they apologized. And that’s a classic example of how being too engrossed in the game affects peoples lives.

    I walked around Sunway Pyramid a few days ago to see families with their phones and power banks equipped, on the hunt for their next Pokemon on their respective radars. The game was created with the intent of making people go outside more whilst socialising. People clearly had no trouble going outside to catch Pokemon, but no one gave a rat’s ass when it came to the socialising aspect. It’s probably different overseas, but everyone in Malaysia is so preoccupied with their own individual progress that they fail to acknowledge the benefits of befriending someone while playing the game. Of course, being the Asians we are, we’d rather go with groups of friends with whom we are familiar with.

    I visited the park in KLCC with a group of friends. We braved the hot sun like idiots, just to see what the game had in store for us. As we walked, we met a guy who was on his ‘lunch break’ playing Pokemon GO. He asked us for some tips on how to level up faster and we slowly explained the benefits of Pidgeys, Weedles, Caterpies and Lucky Eggs when utilised together. I noticed he had two devices in his hand, and he noticed that I noticed, so he told me:
    ‘I’m helping my wife to play. This is her iPad.’

    It still baffles me to see the older generations enjoying the game as much as their juniors. But hey, I’m not complaining. I’m ecstatic that older people enjoy the game as much as we do.


    To the people who said Pokemon is a child’s game, I’m really sorry for how stupid you look right now.


    Will Smith – Miami (Gianni Marino Bootleg)

  • Humanistic

    Posted on July 21st, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    The road to Petaling Jaya was jammed, slightly flooded and stormy. I sat in the car with the cleaner who always does a great job each Saturday taking care of our house. Ever since I started driving, the weekly duties of being her transport have been passed down from my father to myself. I totally had a say in the matter (no I did not).

    Every Saturday morning, I leave the house by 7.30am, making my way to her house to fetch her, in the groggiest state imaginable. I’ve always thought it was weird that my dad would choose to hire a cleaner who lives all the way in Petaling Jaya, which is roughly 30 minutes away from home (25 if you drive faster). Of course, we’ve been using her for the longest time, ever since my dad met her through his work, where she cleaned his entire office for him. She also charged a cheaper rate, although it’s probably offset by the petrol we use to drive to and fro to pick her up/send her back.


    During the jam, we decided to talk about this other client she had been avoiding. Dialogue has been automatically translated to English..

    Me: So what’s been going on with this guy?

    Kakak: He’s such an inconsiderate person. The last time I cleaned his house, I had to wait 2 hours before he finally arranged for transport back home, but he sent me back in a taxi, rather than sending me back himself, because it was already midnight! 

    Me: Does he have like, a big house or something? Does he pay you well?

    Kakak: It’s only slightly bigger than your house. I’m never working for him again, since it’s not the first time he’s done this. He pays more, but I don’t care. I’d rather work for your dad since we go way back. This guy offered me Rm300 to clean his house, I said your dad offered me RM400. (a lie) No, I don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t appreciate the work I do, thinking money is the solution to everything.

    Me: Wow, you must really not like this guy.

    Kakak: Your family’s always been nice. You don’t even need to pay for my lunch, but you do anyway. I enjoy cleaning your house whenever I can.


    My family’s unspoken golden rule of thumb, is to treat others how you would want them to treat you. There’s nothing to gain from belittling the people who serve us. Each member in my family has done service work/jobs over the course of our lives, whether it’s teaching, serving food, being a nanny etc. Part of our strong sense to respect those who serve us has always been because we know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

    Everyone likes to be appreciated. The people who serve you are no different.

    Kailo  - Say that Way


  • Vague

    Posted on July 14th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    I can finally see the light of day again.


    It’s been a hectic first semester, but every moment was enjoyable, to say the least. Even though I’ll be sad to see my 3 lecturers leave to pursue other personal endeavours, I’m already excited to meet my new ones.

    So I have all this free time to do whatever the heck I want. Old me probably wouldn’t give a crap in setting goals but that’s not gonna happen this time around. SOOOOOOOO, for the benefit of myself and my future self, it’s time to list down goals to achieve by the 29th of August.

    1. Work Harder
    2. Create More
    3. Explore Beyond
    4. Serve Better

    I quit the gym 2 months back because it just wasn’t feasible for me to pay so much money right now to achieve fitness goals. Unfortunately for my fitness, gadgets take priority. Since I decided to completely fund my own personal desktop setup for production, I’ve had to compromise on ‘gymming’ and find other alternatives to keep myself in shape. Callisthenics is a better choice for now, but it also means I have to work harder to achieve both fitness goals and career goals at the same time. Along with working out more, I plan to work more to fund my equipment. Going back to the BurgerLab again will be tiring, along with taking in new violin students. It’s a huge revamp to my lifestyle but I’m sure the sacrifice will pay off.

    I aim to at least produce 2 pieces of written content each week. It doesn’t matter if the content is bad, as people learn from the shit they make anyways. The target for the music content will be 1 melody line each week, with rough mixing compulsory. (exploring EQs, Delays, Reverbs and Compression techniques)

    I need to explore the knowledge outside of my brain. That came out really stupid, but I need to know stuff beyond my comfort zone. Whether it’s a music genre I don’t usually listen to, or a popular topic I initially wouldn’t give a second glance, I plan to take advantage of the time I have to learn as many skills/trivia/formulas etc (whatever helps me get better at production)

    It’s been a while since I did charity work and I really miss it. I remember braving the morning Federal Highway jams just to go to a soup kitchen to cook for the poor. I didn’t even care if it robbed me of my beauty sleep, as the conversations with people who sacrificed their mornings for the same purpose really broadened my perspective on life. Volunteering for Kechara is something I hope to do again, God-willing if time allows it.

    Welp, that’s all the time I have for talking to myself with a keyboard. Can’t wait to enjoy this long semester break I have, which will probably pass by in the blink of an eye.



    Josie Charlwood – My Black Dog

  • Pen on paper

    Posted on June 21st, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    My lecturer handed me 2 booklets containing feedback for my recent essays that I wrote. I was happy to see good marks.

    “Don’t get cocky”, he said with a smile.

    I don’t take offence when he says something like that, because it’s never my style to be 100% confident with anything I do. Call it a phobia, but up till now, I’ve never felt absolutely sure that anything I’ve written so far has been worthy of recognition. Sure, it gets me marks, but I’m still waiting for the day I find that one topic that gets me so motivated to the point I churn out a piece worth 100% of my confidence.

    And yet I’ve met people who’re confident in their writing, but sound like they’re talking out from their ass.


    Such is the irony of the world.


    Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd

  • Tilt

    Posted on June 16th, 2016 Jeremiah Joel Cheah No comments

    Listening Test pic

    T minus 9 hours to my listening test.

    I have 25 pieces to listen to.

    I have listened to The Temper Trap, Martin Garrix and Kaskade in the past half hour.

    That’s about a 300 year disparity between Classical/Romantic era composers and modern day musicians.

    That’s also a massive distraction from what I’m supposed to be doing.

    As is this blog post.


    Adam K & Soha – Wake Up